About the authors

Business Outlook, Budget Monitor

Chris Martin, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics.

Chris is in charge of the Deloitte Access Economics’ forecasting and policy unit and is one of

Australia’s best known economists. A highly sought after commentator and presenter on

economic trends in both broadcast and print media, he is also the author of Business

Outlook, a leader in its field of macro forecasting, as well as the highly influential Budget

Monitor, an in-depth analysis of the Australian Federal Budget.


Investment Monitor, Employment Forecasts

Stephen Smith, Lead Partner, Deloitte Access Economics.

Stephen is the Lead Partner of Deloitte Access Economics, with responsibility for managing

the practice. He is a Partner in the Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting Group and leads

Deloitte Access Economics’ trade forecasting work for the ports sector and the firm’s sales.

He has a deep understanding of the Australian and regional economies and has advised

clients on a wide range of macroeconomic policy issues in Australia and the Asia Pacific

region. He holds a Master of International and Development Economics, along with

undergraduate qualifications in economics, from the Australian National University.


Retail Forecasts

David Rumbens, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics.

David is a macro economist with extensive experience in applied economic and quantitative

analysis of the Australian economy, along with considerable experience in labour market



Tourism & Hotel Market Outlook

Adele Labine-Romain, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Adele is a Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, where she leads their work in the tourism,

aviation and hotels practice. She has a deep understanding of the Australian tourism

landscape and has experience in policy and strategy development with both government and

industry. Prior to joining Deloitte, Adele held executive roles with Tourism Australia and with

the Tourism & Transport Forum. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of


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