How do I create a comparator group? (Relative TSR models only)

In order to create a comparator group follow these simple steps;

If you have selected the option 'Constituent companies in an index':

  1. From the 'Your index' table on the left, select the companies that you want to remove from the Index selected and click on 'REMOVE'.
  2. From the 'Choose shares' table on the right, select the companies that you want to add to your Index by clicking 'ADD'.
  3. You can add or remove as many companies as needed. Once you have created your comparator group, click 'CREATE'. You will be taken back to the main screen.

 If you have selected the option 'Define your group':

  1. The 'Your group' table on the left is blank and will reflect all the companies that are in your comparator group once you have selected them. You can remove any company by selecting its code and clicking 'REMOVE'.
  2. The 'List of shares' table on the right presents all the companies listed on the ASX that you can add to create your comparator group. Select a company code and click 'ADD'. This company will be added to your group on the left.
  3. Once you have created your desired comparator group, click 'CREATE'. You need to have added at least one company to your group for the 'CREATE' button to be available. Once created, you will be taken back to the main screen.


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