How do I enter performance conditions for an Absolute TSR model plan?

To calculate your fair value, we need to capture the performance conditions applied to this plan.

We will capture these conditions using the onscreen table. To correctly populate this table, here are a few tips and rules to follow:

  • You can add a row by clicking the blue '+' button and delete a row by clicking the cross at the end of any added row.
  • On the condition side, there should be no gap in numbers between rows. For example, if row 1 'Condition to' cells read 10%, then the 'Condition from' of the following row must also be 10%.
  • The 'Condition to' cell is exclusive and the 'Condition from' is inclusive.
  • If a condition is equal to a single number then please enter the same number in the 'Condition from' and 'Condition to' cells in the row (i.e. For a condition Equal to 10%, enter 10% in both 'Condition to' and 'Condition from' cells).
  • The last row should be read as 'Condition from' and greater (i.e. 25% and greater)
  • A 'Prorata' function is a straight line vesting calculation from the 'Vesting from' number to the 'Vesting to' number entered in the corresponding row.
  • A 'Stepwise' function means that the entire percentage of shares indicated in the vesting part of the table will vest upon reaching the condition. Only the 'Vesting from' cell needs to be filled in.
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