What are the key features of Share-based Payments?

Share-based Payments is a self-service, online solution that provides fair value calculations, valuation reports, and tracking of vesting performance for selected models. It will provide your results much faster than traditional methods. The tool will allow you to:

  • Easily value long-term incentive plans
  • Run an on-the-spot fair value calculation
  • Eliminate manual calculations in Excel
  • Automatically generate draft valuation reports
  • Conduct scenario testing by changing parameters
  • Gain peace of mind and obtain Deloitte-certified reports
  • Provide Deloitte endorsement of report methodology through a partner signature
  • Easily track and obtain vesting performance, improving transparency
  • Easily track your TSR performance online via a simple dashboard for selected models
  • View your share-based payments expenses for selected plans through an intuitive process
  • Save on share option calculation costs by managing the process in-house
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