What are the key features of Customs Radar?

Customs duty is typically an area that lacks ownership within organisations as it tends to fall between Logistics, Procurement, Tax and Finance often with no one area to take responsibility.

Customs Radar provides importers with complete insights into their Australian import profile. The solution identifies potential cash refund opportunities under Free Trade Agreements and highlights any risks/inconsistent declarations made to the Australian Border Force (Customs).

The product arms businesses with the information required to pursue refund opportunities given the four-year window to claim overpaid customs duty. This also provides users with full visibility over the declarations made to Customs on their behalf by their customs brokers.

Customs Radar is easy to use, and the insights are made available to customers in the form of an interactive report. The report features different filters and parameters that allow users to analyse the various data points in detail, for example, results can be filtered by period, countries from where the goods were imported, type of goods, etc.

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