What happens if my company changes its name and ASX code?

In the event that your company or one of the comparators you selected in a Relative TSR model experience an ASX code change you might want to consider the following scenario as some inconsistencies might occur:

  1. If you have not submitted your report and want to submit it after a code change: if your company code changed after having saved a plan but before submitting your data for calculation then if you log back in to submit your data, the company code you selected will no longer exist. As such the FV calculation cannot be calculated unless the company code is updated in question 1 ‘Plan details’.
  2. If the code change happens while your report is in draft mode: if you have created a draft report and the ASX code changes prior to certification, the company code displayed in the certified report will reflect the old code. However, you can re-run the calculation but you need to select the new company code.
  3. If the code change happens after having submitted a report, the TSR tracker for Absolute and Relative TSR models will not be calculated: our TSR tracker calculations will be using your old ASX code. As data will no longer be generated for this code, we will be not be able to retrieve any data after a code change. The TSR tracker cards will show “0”. We are currently developing a fix for this issue.

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