What is a Tariff Concession Order? Does Customs Radar calculate potential refund oppurtunities due to TCO’s?

A Tariff Concession Order (TCO) allows particular goods to be imported into the country free of customs duty if the goods meet ALL of the below-listed parameters:

  • the classification of the goods must match the classification to which the TCO applies (each TCO applies to one tariff classification only)
  • the description of the goods imported must be identical to the description in the TCO

An importer can apply for a TCO if they can demonstrate that no substitutable goods are available in Australia in the ordinary course of business. The application must be made before the goods are imported. 

Once a TCO is in effect it is open to any importer to use if the goods they are importing meet the TCO description and if the TCO was valid on the day the goods were imported. 

TCO's can be revoked if an Australian manufacturer requests a revocation as they are able to manufacture substitutable goods.

Customs Radar is not designed to identify refund opportunities due to TCO's as multiple possibilities could arise when comparing your imports with TCO's and we are unable to provide the level of accuracy required to do this assessment online.

Deloitte can assist with identifying refund opportunities due to TCO's and managing the refund process as a separate engagement. To learn more or contact our specialist Customs & Global Trade team, please visit their website.

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