Glossary - DataExtend

ABS - Australian Bureau of Statistics.

- Household Expenditure Survey.

Statistical Area 1 (SA1) - a level of Census geography equivalent to approx. 220 households, the lowest level at which most ABS data is released.

JTW - Journey to Work- Census data indicating how many people from an origin SA1 travel to a paired Destination Zone (DZ) for work purposes.

Destination Zone (DZ) - a level of Census geography containing a number of SA1s for the purpose of counting working populations.

Statistical Area 2 (SA2) - a level of Census and ABS geography containing a number of SA1s. Source data for Journey to Work and Building Approvals is released at SA2 level.

Meshblock - a level of Census geography, the smallest 'brick' level used to build SA1s. ABS data is rarely released at this level. However, meshblocks are a useful granular geography for building accurate drive time and distance matrix tables.

Geodemographics - a market segmentation/ classification of people (demo) by where they live (geo) such that neighbourhoods / SA1s are homogenous (similar) to others within their allotted segment and heterogeneous (different) between each segment.

Model - a prediction based on the interaction of multiple data variables e.g. C-Australia is a prediction that a neighbourhood / SA1 is most like others classified within an allotted segment based on available input data and Household Net Worth is a prediction that a household's Net Worth is classified within the appropriate banding based on available input data. The accuracy of a model's prediction is expressed as an uplift over random selection.

Meta-data - provides a view of the dataset field descriptions and lengths to assist users to prepare for loading the data for analysis.

Sample Data - a limited number of data rows for each dataset is provided so that you can determine if the data is understood and meets your requirements.

Licence- the right to use proprietary data for a defined licence term and appropriate licence fee. Importantly, Deloitte proprietary data is not sold outright.

Licence Term - the defined term for which you are licensed to use Deloitte proprietary data. Using data beyond the expiry of an initial licence term will require a licence extension and payment of appropriate licence fee.

Licence Fee 
- the fee to license a Deloitte proprietary dataset for a defined licence term.

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