How does the Wellbeing@Work Index work?

The Wellbeing@Work Index is available to organisations that can gather at least 25 responses. It is the only workplace index that measures wellbeing across four pillars - Mind, Body, Purpose & Place - and from the perspective of both employees and the organisation.

The process behind the Index is simple:

STEP 1: We assess your current state

Employee Survey: Employees' perspectives on organisational wellbeing and engagement.
Organisational Survey: Compare against the organisation's perspective on managing the wellbeing of its people.

Both employees and the executive are asked to complete a survey. The employee survey measures perspectives on organisational wellbeing and engagement. The second survey (for the executive and HR departments) measures the organisation's perspective on its performance in managing the wellbeing of its people.


STEP 2: We analyse and compare your results against these four pillars:

Mind: What is the mental health and resilience of your employees?
Body: What is the physical health of your employees?
Purpose: Are your employees connected to your company's purpose and values?
Place: Does the physical and social environment and leadership of your organisation, support and enable wellbeing?

We calculate your overall Wellbeing@Work Index™ score and create a report for your organisation to improve upon.

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