Rip Curl Pty. Ltd. identifies refund opportunities exceeding $100K using Customs Radar.


Up until recently, the team at Rip Curl analysed their import data manually. Their process for identifying variances meant checking every invoice and matching each within their system. It also meant piles of paperwork and excess time spent on further reviews.

“We didn’t proactively monitor inconsistencies, we only ever noticed inconsistencies when we paid duty, apart from one time when we hadn’t paid duty where we also identified a difference”, says Lindall Robertson the company’s Supply Chain Planner.

Rip Curl looked to Customs Radar as an easy and efficient way to minimise their risk of overpaid duty and their risk of non-compliance.

“After using Customs Radar, we now look closely at what our customs brokers are doing and we’re noticing frequent inconsistencies in the declarations. For example, we identified that our sportswear and mountain wear are sometimes declared as apparel and sometimes declared as sportswear, depending on the broker.”

For a company that wants to follow the right process and do the right thing with the Australian Border Force, these inconsistencies aren’t ideal.

“When we went through an audit with customs, they a came up with a lot of good processes for us, but many were manual. We went ahead and implemented those processes to make sure that we were capturing everything and declaring everything correctly. We also improved and streamlined them so when customs did a follow up they were happy that the changes we made were achieving the expected results”, says Lindall.

“But I find Customs Radar extremely valuable because it speeds things up a lot. We are more confident and we will potentially have regular checks using this product to highlight any issues in our declarations, we can also get onto issues a lot easier and significantly reduce the amount of manual checking that we do today.”

Customs Radar helps businesses to change or modify their current process and can significantly improve profitability by identifying opportunities to recover overpaid duty from the Australian Border Force.

“When it comes to reviewing where we have a claim due to Free Trade Agreement, the list within the Customs Radar report provides all the FTA data and is just fantastic. To be able to understand our opportunities, what we can then do, and then obviously have the option to go through a smooth process with Deloitte Tax to claim the money back is great.

Through an interactive report, Customs Radar helps you see your data differently and gives insight into your company’s imports.

“The biggest thing for me is definitely the ability to easily download the FTA data that is just fantastic!

“The tool is also very, very good in terms of enabling me to report back to the rest of the business. At the operational level, I can now easily provide information on whether we have claimed all the FTA entitlements, and we can look at it at a macro level, then drill down into granular data, and that is superb.”

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